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Assessment Options

On this page, you can find information about assessment: quizzes and multiple-choice exams, hand-written exams, peer review, and some notes on academic integrity.

Assessment Section of “Preparing to Teach Online

There are many suggestions for effective, low stakes, asynchronous, cumulative assessments in the Assessment section of this GauchoSpace site developed for faculty.

Quizzes and Multiple-Choice Exams in GauchoSpace

For quizzes, multiple-choice exams, and some short answer exams, GauchoSpace quizzes are the best option. The Quiz tool allows you to build an exam from a reusable question pool. In addition, the exams allow for randomizing the order that questions are presented, randomizing the order in which responses are presented for each question, and randomizing what questions each student gets on their exam from a larger pool (equivalent to preparing multiple versions of the same exam). 

Gradescope for Online Grading of Handwritten and Online Exams

For hand-written exams – such as mathematical calculations or graphing – we recommend Gradescope. Gradescope also just rolled out an online exam option for more traditional multiple choice and short answer style quizzes that is available to UCSB faculty.

Write-Learn@UCSB for Peer Review

To facilitate peer feedback on writing (in courses ranging from small to 700 students), we recommend Write-Learn@UCSB (EliReview).

Some Notes on Academic Integrity

If you have concerns about academic integrity, you can reach out to us. A few “quick tips”:

  • Use GauchoSpace quiz “shuffle” or add “random question” functions – this way two students will not have identical exams.
  • See section “Extra Restrictions on Attempts” under GauchoSpace quiz “Review Options” for additional ideas.
  • Write questions that are not easily “googleable.”

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