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This page lists videos and materials from previous workshops, now turned into tutorials and self-guided tours. If you cannot access the GauchoSpace self-guided tours, most of the materials will be added under lectures, assessment, and communication. Links for pre-fall instructor and TA workshops can be found here.

Teaching Remotely with GauchoCast for Asynchronous, Recorded Lectures and Zoom for Live, Synchronous Sessions:

Zoom Self-Guided Workshop

GauchoCast Self-guided Workshop

Preparing to Teach Online

Join the Preparing to Teaching Online site in GauchoSpace for tips, tutorials, details and ideas from UCSB professors and TAs (UCSB access only).

Fostering Peer-to-Peer Interaction while Teaching Remotely

Slides for “Fostering Peer-to-Peer Interaction while Teaching Remotely.” 

Creating Peer-Reviewed Writing Activities for Remote Instruction (Write-Learn/EliReview)

See sections “Peer Review to Promote Engagement and Collaboration” and “Designing Peer Review Prompts” under “Helping Students Engage Content.” You can also see the slides for the original workshop presentation on Write-Learn.

Helping Students Engage Course Content (Remotely)

“Helping Students Engage Course Content” is now organized as a tutorial on a GauchoSpace site. Download the slide deck for embedded links to additional videos included in the presentation.

Creating Quizzes/Final Exams in GauchoSpace

This workshop discussed how to create quizzes and final exams in GauchoSpace. The workshop was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube. Instructors who are not familiar with Quizzes in GauchoSpace should watch this video series, which addresses most quiz setup steps

Nectir.IO – Maintaining Fluid Communication and Community in Online Courses

Watch a recording of a workshop on how to use Nectir.io on GauchoCast or on YouTube.

For more help, see the Nectir.io website, Nectir.io user guide, and the Nectir.io UCSB workspace (free to use for everyone!).

Building community in online courses

The most important part of teaching remotely in an online environment is to build and maintain a class community. One of the biggest reasons students drop out of online courses is because they don’t feel connected to other people in the class. None of you wants to feel isolated and disconnected with each other, so you build community by intentionally integrating it into your online course organization, methods of communication, formative assessments, and both asynchronous and synchronous interactions with class members.

Use the menus below to get ideas about what kinds of pedagogical, organizational, assessment strategies and technology tools can help you create and maintain a class community.

Explaining content


Computer labs
  • Screen recording videos of explanations - GauchoCast
  • Software help guides
  • Groups Zoom time
  • Cloud software
  • Lab guide with questions to answer - GradeScope, GauchoSpace Assignment/Quiz
Physical labs
  • “Kitchen” labs
  • virtual tours – GauchoCast
Field trips
  • Field guide – printable download, GradeScope
  • Faculty virtual tours – GauchoCast
  • Student virtual tours – GauchoCast
  • Infographics – Canva, Excel, PowerPoint/Google Slides
  • Photos/videos – GauchoSpace/GauchoCast

Lecture content
  • Short boardwork videos – Webcam & whiteboard, Doc Cam, Tablet, Learning Glass
  • 10-20 min. lecture videos (one concept, one video) - GauchoCast
  • Readings (with reading guide) - GauchoSpace Assignment/Quiz
  • Lecture notes – PDF , GauchoSpace file, Google Docs
Section content
  • Examples, worked problems – GauchoCast
  • Study/reading questions (e.g., in preparation for Zoom meetings) – GauchoSpace Discussion Forum, Nectir thread
  • Student presentations – GauchoCast Group Video

Facilitating interactions

Teacher / TA to Student

Providing feedback on learning (asynchronous)
  • Feedback on quiz questions - GauchoSpace Quiz
  • Rubrics for papers, projects, and virtual presentations - GradeScope, GauchoSpace Assignments, Google Assignment
  • Check understanding of lecture - GauchoSpace Quiz, GauchoCast in-video quiz
Getting to know students / mentoring
  • Student survey - GauchoSpace feedback survey
  • Individual meetings - Nectir, Zoom
  • Students post their favorite food, vacation spot, movie, etc. (integrate their answers in lecture/quiz/homework) - Nectir
Answer students questions
  • Answering synchronously - Nectir, Zoom Chat
  • Answering asynchronously - email, GauchoSpace forum, Google Doc
Guiding student explorations
  • Video showing students how to engage with the readings, homework, problem sets - GauchoCast
  • Group/class Zoom meetings - Zoom breakout rooms
  • Reading guides/questions - GauchoSpace Quiz, GauchoSpace Assignments

Student to Teacher
  • Asking questions (asynchronously) - Nectir, email, GauchoSpace forum, Google doc
  • Asking questions (synchronously) - Zoom chat or video
  • Submitting written work - GauchoSpace Assignments with rubric, Eli Review
  • Submitting projects - GauchoSpace Assignments, Google Assignments
  • Submitting videos - GauchoCast Assignments folder


Student(s) to Student(s)
  • Group work for papers, projects, websites, video, infographics, etc - Zoom, Nectir, GauchoSpace forum, other (let students decide)
  • Study groups (virtual) and homework help - Nectir, Zoom, other
  • Informal chats during Zoom classes - Zoom chat, Nectir
  • Formal, serious, graded discussions - GauchoSpace forums, Nectir discussion threads
  • Written peer review - Eli Review
Teacher to TA
  • Teaching strategies - email, Zoom, Nectir (private group)
  • Student issues - email, Zoom, Nectir (private group)
  • Grading/norming - email, Zoom, Nectir (private group)
  • Developing section/lab materials - GauchoSpace hidden section, Google Drive



Low-stakes to help students keep on track and check their own understanding

Synchronous class time/student group meeting
  • Polls - Zoom
  • Online chat - Zoom, Nectir
  • Small group discussions - Zoom breakout rooms
  • Short student presentations about small group work - Zoom
Asynchronous (homework)
  • Online quiz/reading questions - GauchoSpace Quiz, Google Assignments
  • In-video quiz - GauchoCast
  • Short writes (~100 words) - GauchoSpace Assignments, GauchoSpace Quiz
    • outlines, summaries, apply content from readings/lecture
    • lecture notes
    • discussion threads (hot topics, apply to complex situation, debates) (put students into groups of 10-15 people) - GauchoSpace forums, Nectir discussion
    • peer review of writing (short or long) - Eli Review
  • Redacted lecture outline - GauchoSpace Assignments
  • Homework problems (STEM) - GradeScope
  • Homework help/study groups - Nectir
  • Phases of projects and papers (outlines, drafts, bibliographies) - GauchoSpace Assignments, Eli Review
  • Group projects and papers - GauchoSpace Assignments, GauchoSpace forums, Nectir
  • Group meeting notes - GauchoSpace Assignments, GauchoSpace forums, Nectir

  • "Take home" exam - GauchoSpace Assignments, GauchoSpace Quiz
  • High-stakes exams - GauchoSpace Quiz
  • Papers - Google Assignments, GauchoSpace Assignments with rubric
  • Projects (websites, infographics, posters, videos) - Google Assignments, GauchoSpace Assignments with rubric
  • Alternatives to traditional exams and papers (IU Bloomington)

Course organization

Be human
  • Be flexible for imperfect access, tech issues, and misunderstandings
  • Include your photo and bio - GauchoSpace
  • Do student surveys to get to know them - GauchoSpace
  • Use Nectir for informal communication
  • Have flexible policies to account for technical issues and distances
  • Work together to create your own study groups virtually - Nectir, other (students decide)
  • How will you communicate to the whole class? groups? individuals? - Nectir, GauchoSpace Announcements, email
  • How often? Minimum: weekly
  • Technical requirements for students and teachers/TAs: webcam, laptop, headphones, internet, applications, etc.
  • Exam proctoring (if needed) - ProctorU
  • "Attendance" policy for live Zoom meetings and alternative assignments for students who have technical or access issues
  • Ground rules for live Zoom meetings
  • Grading/academic integrity
Weekly pattern of work for students to complete

Align with formative assessments in GauchoSpace Gradebook

GauchoSpace navigation
  • Clear, ordered, organized
  • Use headings and descriptions
  • Use human language
GauchoSpace Gradebook
  • Use it!
  • GauchoSpace help pages and help ticket

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