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Most accessibility “best” practices – or even “better” practices – will help all of your students. The list below is far from complete, but it will get you started.


Modified exams or quizzes

Closed captioning

Closed captioning is important to students with hearing loss, whose first language is not English, whose video might be freezing, and/or who are studying in a place where they cannot have the sound on, etc.

  • Automatic artificial intelligence (AI) captioning is available for free using the editing tools in Panopto. The AI captions are easily editable in Panopto to make updates to spelling, grammar, etc.
  • If a student needs an accommodation for captioning through DSP, send a help request to help@id.ucsb.edu to get your GauchoCast videos captioned. This applies to videos that you recorded yourself with the Panopto Recorder, videos you uploaded to GauchoCast from another source, and recorded Zoom sessions.
  • If you have students who have registered with the Disabled Students Program (DSP) who need a realtime text transcript of a Zoom session, DSP should contact you with information on adding a transcriptionist to your Zoom class meetings. The transcriptionist can open a private chat with the student and transcribe the meeting in realtime here.


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