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Copyright and Legal Considerations

Recording Zoom Sessions

If you plan to record your interactive Zoom sessions, you should be aware that per California law and FERPA protection, all parties (i.e., all students) must provide consent. You should notify your students in advance that you plan to record some or all of your Zoom sessions and give them the option to mute their microphone and turn off their video. Non-participation in recording may not be held against any participant and there cannot be any punitive consequences for withholding consent. We suggest that you copy and paste the text below either into your syllabus, the top block of your GauchoSpace site, or as part of the description block for each scheduled Zoom session in your GauchoSpace site. We also suggest you mute students’ microphones and cameras as the default. You can unmute them at your discretion. Also note that this notice also includes instructions to students that they are not allowed to record Zoom sessions.

“This live Zoom session will be recorded for students who may not be able to attend at this time. By default, your microphone and camera will be muted when you join the session. If you do not want to be included in the recording, simply keep your camera and microphone off. You may ask questions in the chat window. NOTE: Student participants are prohibited from recording of any kind. Only the instructor is permitted to record.”

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