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Reimagining Instruction for the Student Experience (RISE)

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July 6-August 7

+ additional consultation as desired

To apply, click here. Applications are due June 19.

Current global and national crises challenge UCSB instructors to RISE — Reimagine Education for the Student Experience — in ways that build on the strengths and value of a UCSB education. The RISE Institute will guide and support instructors as they delve more deeply into inclusive, innovative practices to (re)design remote or hybrid courses. We are accepting applications from instructors who want to focus on one or more of the following in their course redesign:  

  • Fostering communities of learners: How can we create courses where students work together to create new knowledge and support each other? 
  • Designing engaging, authentic assessments: How can we design equitable activities and assessments that allow students to demonstrate mastery of course concepts?
  • Cultivating research experiences: How can we build in research experiences that allow students to engage in and contribute to research?
  • Integrating inclusive, engaging curriculum and pedagogy: How can we design courses where diverse voices are heard and students can engage with issues they care about?

Working with facilitators, mentors, and peers, participants will engage in asynchronous and synchronous interactions, focusing on one or more of these areas as they develop their Fall courses. To support their goals, instructors will choose from a menu of redesign activities, such as (re)drafting course materials, engaging in peer feedback, having conversations with mentors, and exploring new pedagogical approaches and instructional technologies. 

Participants who complete the required work for the institute will receive $500. Upon completion, participants completing required work will also be eligible for up to $1500 in course development funding. Course development funds may be used for activities such as hiring undergraduate or graduate students to support redesign activities, purchasing course materials, or investing in artifacts for use in the redesign of remote/hybrid courses. 

Time Commitment: While  the time needed to reimagine courses will vary by context, complexity, and (re)visions, RISE participants should plan to spend 5-10 hours per week on their course(s); this includes both online activities (content, discussions, deliverables) and time spent thinking about your course. While there will be opportunities to participate in “live” discussions with peers and mentors, there will not be any required synchronous RISE meetings.

Faculty of all categories (Unit 18, L(P)SOE, ladder rank) are eligible to apply for the institute. Institute resources will be available to all instructors, regardless of participation in the institute. 

Applications are due June 19. 

Contact Linda Adler-Kassner (ladler@ucsb.edu) or Lisa Berry (lisa_berry@ucsb.edu) with questions.

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